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Journey of Heart

After losing her father and brother to an avalanche on the world's second highest mountain, Sequoia Schmidt watches a video on social media that is catalyst for a trip that would change her life forever. Join Sequoia in this inspiring autobiographical adventure of her courageous trek as she leaves behind the safe, familiar surroundings of her home and travels across continents to a remote corner of the planet to “respect the mountain and the climbers who came before” her. She discovers a whole new world, both inside and outside of herself, on this Journey of Heart.

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Changing Gears: Ups and Downs on the New Zealand Road

Returning home for the first time in 10 years, Sequoia Schmidt sets out to complete a 28 day solo cycle of New Zealand. This will be her first time home since the deaths of her father and brother in a tragic climbing accident.  Changing Gears describes Sequoia's experiences with grief, loss and recovery, interwoven with adventures on the roads of New Zealand as she returns to her homeland to re-connect with Aotearoa and herself.

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Getting Off the X

Getting Off the X means getting out of the line of fire, moving off the target area; be it physical, emotional or even spiritual danger. How these characters from all over the globe manage to “get off the X” in their particular circumstances is the common theme and thread of adventure for this book. A compelling work of non-fiction, "Getting Off the X" is about taking risks to survive. 

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