by Jo Patti
Release date: 11/11/17
ISBN: 9781942549185

The urgency and depth of encounter is a recurring theme in the poems of Jo Patti.   Questions about loss, love and destiny are spiraled into a mosaic she creates consisting of passages from around the planet, some crystal clear and others enigmatic. Using diverse poetic forms she expands the boundaries of time, place, relationship, thought and spirit for whomever is bold enough to venture into unknown destinations.



Jo Patti was born in the USA, but moved 13 times before she was 11. She has lived and worked on 6 continents and published work in fiction, technical writing, reporting and non-fiction. Jo was selected as a "Poet on Wheels" by the Australian New South Wales Arts Council in 1998 and awarded the honor of being an "Artist for Life" by the Texas Commission on the Arts for her work in the fields of Story telling, Choreography and Poetry in 1999. Jo is an educator, a third class radio engineer, a flautist, a student of martial arts, an avid hiker and a mother. She's received a number of awards over the years, including being the first female to win the Circumnavigators Club Fellowship, Outstanding Professor for YSMU (Armenia 2010) chosen as a Specialist for the US Department of State Near East bureau (2018) and received an Award for Excellence in Achievement and Attitude from the Yun Tai International Martial Arts Training Center in Henan (China 2019). Jo's work is published in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Pakistan, Russia and Iraq (in English).


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