The Dhakris: Awakening


by Elizabeth Geeslin
Release date: 9/25/2016
ISBN: 9781942549277

When Jessica Carmichael graduates high school, she has a sudden onset of strange thoughts and occurrences about her older sister’s unsolved disappearance three years before. Jessica was with her on the last day that anyone saw her sister, and she knows that her sister harbored some very strong beliefs about the power of magic.

Jessica knows two things: she has to find out how her sister mysteriously disappeared and there’s much more to this world that can be seen. As she progresses into the occult secrets her sister kept, she meets someone who can help her. He introduces himself as Dominic, and while working together, they realize very quickly that they are meant to do much more than just find Jessica’s sister.

As they track the steps of her sister and delve into unknown territory, Dominic and Jessica stumble upon a secret older than time itself. Dominic and Jessica must realize what they truly are—the Dhakris—and that Jessica’s missing sister is only the tip of the iceberg of their destiny and what they have to do in their lives. Together, they have to develop their own skills necessary to stop the hidden evils of the world. Their true purpose comes into question when Jessica starts to wonder what her sister’s real intentions might have been, and why she went missing in the first place. Could it be possible that her sister wanted to be missing—and even worse—could it be possible that her sister is one of those evils that Jessica must stop?

Through time jumping, dimension traveling and a few other twists of the unknown, Jessica travels alone down the rabbit hole of her sister’s disappearance for the clarification she needs—even when Dominic warns her that she shouldn’t. But will Jessica have to sacrifice being what she truly is to save the only sister that she has?







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