Zen and the Art of Skiing


by Denali Schmidt
Release Date: 4/10/15
ISBN: 9781942549055  

How do you clear your mind so that you are still enough to be completely focused with no fears and no distractions? Denali Schmidt asked this question when he was 17 years old. He was a natural athlete but strove for excellence in extreme sports, especially freeride and backcountry skiing. He decided to dedicate himself to the inner discipline of meditation. Denali's intention was to streamline his energy and concentration to unblock his mind, visualize the feats he wanted to accomplish and succeed in performing them without injury. He uses his emerging skills as an artist and writer to record and share his steps on this journey. Denali illustrates Zen and the Art of Skiing with words, original drawings and his personal insights on his struggle to achieve a seemingly impossible goal.




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