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The Dhakris: Awakening

When Jessica Carmichael graduates high school, she has a sudden onset of strange thoughts and occurrences about her older sister’s unsolved disappearance three years before. Jessica was with her on the last day that anyone saw her sister, and she knows that her sister harbored some very strong beliefs about the power of magic.

Jessica knows two things: she has to find out how her sister mysteriously disappeared and there’s much more to this world that can be seen. As she progresses into the occult secrets her sister kept, she meets someone who can help her. He introduces himself as Dominic, and while working together, they realize very quickly that they are meant to do much more than just find Jessica’s sister.

As they track the steps of her sister and delve into unknown territory, Dominic and Jessica stumble upon a secret older than time itself. Dominic and Jessica must realize what they truly are—the Dhakris—and that Jessica’s missing sister is only the tip of the iceberg of their destiny and what they have to do in their lives. Together, they have to develop their own skills necessary to stop the hidden evils of the world. Their true purpose comes into question when Jessica starts to wonder what her sister’s real intentions might have been, and why she went missing in the first place. Could it be possible that her sister wanted to be missing—and even worse—could it be possible that her sister is one of those evils that Jessica must stop?

Through time jumping, dimension traveling and a few other twists of the unknown, Jessica travels alone down the rabbit hole of her sister’s disappearance for the clarification she needs—even when Dominic warns her that she shouldn’t. But will Jessica have to sacrifice being what she truly is to save the only sister that she has?

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The Collapse

A horrifying murder in a cell of the Iraqi capital Baghdad's most secure prisons opens doors for a vast mystery to unfold before the victim's lawyer, whose client left him a coded letter. The letter carries an immense secret that will save Iraq from the grips of falling into the abyss of a terrifying collapse that has begun to storm the world...

The battling fronts intertwine to reach what the murdered client had hidden between the lines of his letter. Counselor Mahdi Al-Ali takes off on his adventure searching for the buried secret that his client had left in his letter. Meanwhile, the fireball starts approaching Iraq. Nothing will save the country except for the secret that the murdered man had left in his mysterious letter...

The Collapse takes the reader into a world of ambiguous codes and mysterious puzzles that exist among building, icons, and monuments in Baghdad which become targets for solving the letters' mystery. One finds themselves living with its protagonist, Mahdi Al-Ali, throughout its dangerous and breathtaking chapters during his struggle with the other forces, as everyone wants to reach the mysterious secret....

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Punk Rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology Meets Anarchy

Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy challenges our own inner process of belief by examining our cognition, memories, and media literacy. Raise your fist and rebel against the conventions of traditional thought and nightly news coverage to expand your mind to accept the countless possibilities that are out there. Personal experiences, anecdotes and thought-provoking theories are all put together in an unconventional punk-rock presentation to bring in any true believer or casual observer.

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God Pharm

Thom Burke is everything a scientist shouldn't be: brash, sophomoric, and reckless. A genius millennial born with a silver spoon; all the potential but none of the drive. But when his academic project is revoked by a big UCSF donor, Thom throws away his privilege, jeopardizing his career to produce an illegal gene-modifying drug that could change someone's belief in God . . . by making them become one. What Thom doesn't realize is that a version of this drug has already been created - weaponized - and its creators will do everything in their power to suppress its knowledge. Even murder.

Now Thom and his team must search for answers in a dangerous world filled with pious hackers, vengeful geneticists and impassioned assassins. Business, Church or State - only by entering the shadow domain of global power will Thom learn the grim truth of who truly controls our civilization.

A book that is as terrifyingly real as it is fictitious, God Pharm promises to challenge the reader's perception of history and humanity, presenting a reality that may not be far from the truth.

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Punk Rock and UFOs: True Believers

Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” by author and journalist Mike Damante is a call to arms to the common populace and UFO community to come together to better understand the unexplained. “Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” is the follow-up to the non-fiction release “Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy” (2016), which looked at cryptozoology and Ufology as an underdog science.   “Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” tackles topics like process of belief, religion, mythology, popular culture, disclosure, media, technological advances, science, the unexplained, the UFO phenomena becoming mainstream all in a thought-provoking package aimed at the common reader, as well as the UFO community. New theories, research, reports, and questions try to connect the unknown in ways accessible to the UFO newbie, as well as any veteran ufologist.  The book features quotes from some of the biggest names in UFO research, academia, pop culture and even punk rock. Who are these people who dedicate their time and resources to research UFOs? Who are these regular people researching extraordinary things, and what are the commonalities with those who aren’t initiated in the beliefs of the unknown?   In a time where UFOs are slowly creeping more and more into the mainstream consciousness, it is important that we as society WANT to know the truth, and are actively seeking it. ‘True Believers’ is that wake-up call that looks to bridge the gap between the UFO research community and the mainstream. The book was written to simultaneously synergize both groups to engage in a higher-level consciousness. It was written for you; the true believer.

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