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In Session

What does it take to realize that you need to talk to someone?  Is it an anxiety attack…maybe several anxiety attacks?  But you’re fine, going to a shrink is ridiculous.  Is it feeling really high, then crashing to a low?   You didn’t wake up and go to work the other day because of it, but it’s not a problem, you don’t do therapy. Is it pressure from family that you

don’t need to pay for someone to talk to you?  You know what they’d think—and they speak their mind—you don’t need the expense of therapy just to pay someone to listen to you. Is it because in your family, with your customs, therapy is not an option?

In Session is the journey of four women, each one different in appearance and ethnicity, yet the same in many ways.  Although they come from different backgrounds, each one has family, success, failure, heartbreak and the best reasons to dismiss therapy. What they don’t have is real help when they need it—professional help—until one by one, their world collapses around them. Through the eyes of Andrea, Cori, Sophie and Vivian, we learn what they learn—therapy is for everyone, no matter who you are. 

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Born a Burden: A Story of an American Orphan

A place of no mercy, no coddling, and no emotion, the streets of New York don’t waiver in their inability to care for anyone.  In order to survive, you have to take the lessons that are given to you by them and use them to your advantage.  After being orphaned not once, but twice, raised by nuns, foster parents, and passed between the homes of his grandmother and father, Jim Fiume learned how to survive and thrive after being tossed aside.  His experiences led him to where he is now and helped give him wisdom that can only be gained from the university of the streets.  Based on the life of Jim Fiume, the experiences from his childhood, adolescence, and a once-in-a-lifetime road trip down Route 66 are recounted in order to teach the one kind of lesson that can never be learned in a classroom…how to be street smart.

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Born in Rome: From Italy to the Energy Empire

A story nearly 90 years in the making, Born in Rome traces the path that Joseph G. Munisteri took from his earliest days in Italy to become a world-renowned business leader and beloved friend, husband, father, and grandfather. Equal parts autobiography and technology primer, this inspirational book details how Joseph's engineering expertise and passion for learning continue making sustainable, significant impacts on the energy industry—impacts that promise to revolutionize how hydrocarbons are valued on the world stage. 

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When Angels Wept: A Life Derailed

During World War I, they called it shell shock.  During World War II, they called it battle fatigue.  Today, it is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. All are tidy labels for the destruction of a mind.  When Angels Wept follows the path of an idealistic young airman's experiences and the horrors he encounters during World War II.

Born in Pasadena, California, Rod Hirsh has been raised with the Midwestern values of his Iowa born parents.  He has a respect for life, a belief in the rewards of hard work, and an acceptance of duty.  He loves his mother, respects his father, believes in God, and has an abiding trust in his country.  He grows up as a well-liked, though somewhat shy child, who develops a fascination with flying and dreams of one day becoming a pilot.  With the advent of World War II, he enters the Army Air Force Cadet Pilot Training Program and eventually becomes the captain of a B-17 bomber.

He finds love in a small, rural English village; yet death and destruction are ever-present.  It is in the skies over Europe that the horrors of war begin a relentless invasion of Hirsh's psyche, as his mind battles with the reality of a world that suddenly makes no sense.  As the Midwestern values he has been raised with become compromised, guilt begins to form fissures in his mind.  His respect for life collides with the destruction of a life caused by the bombs he drops.  When his sense of responsibility is devastated by the death of friends and crew members, the mental cracks widen and become hate filled crevices.

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Behind the Curtain: An Intimate Autobiographical Probe into the Esoteric World of Opera

A native of Queens, N.Y., Maestro Weibel was never in doubt about the avenue his future career would take. His talent and love for musical expression began at an early age. He attended both the Juilliard School and Mannes College of Music in Manhattan where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in conducting and piano. Upon graduation he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship from the U.S. government for further study of opera and conducting in Italy. While there he acquired a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge as well as a beautiful young Italian model, Pasquina Scarpa, as his wife.

Weibel's professional life began at the Cincinnati Summer Opera, which led to a job offer from the Metropolitan Opera. Maestro Weibel worked there on the musical staff of the world's leading opera house for eleven years. During these rich years, he served as assistant to Leonard Bernstein, Claudio Abbado, Sir Georg Solti, and many more.

The Maestro coached and conducted some of the most illustrious singers of the 20th century including Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti (who was godfather to his two sons), and Renata Tebaldi. He conducted opera at international opera houses and in the United States.

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Another Day with Her

Another Day with Her is the story of Latrece Bell's diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder, told by her friends and family. It describes the turmoil, and challenges of everyday living, supporting and understanding of someone diagnosed. The reality of losing someone to suicide and the aftermath effect on their lives.

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